Mafco M & F Components Ltd. expands customer base with Autocat+

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Automate and the Make Model Index helps supplier assure customers of accurate product data

MAM Software is pleased to announce that Mafco M & F Components Ltd. has now successfully begun to upload product data to Autocat+, the UK’s leading web-driven vehicle parts catalogue. The uploading of product data allows Mafco to address customer demand and trade nationally. The company is also using Automate and the MAM Make Model Index (MMI) to ensure catalogue data is accurate and kept up-to-date.

Established since 1946, Mafco supplies a comprehensive library of vehicle parts and accessories to motor factors and car accessory shops. The company prides itself on the quality of its products and customer service, and its product range is regularly expanded in response to customer demand. It is therefore essential for Mafco to have an efficient method of letting its customer know about new products.

“Keeping our customers informed is vital to the success of our business – a task made very difficult by relying solely on periodically published, paper-based catalogues,” said Andy Kay, Operational Director at Mafco “Autocat+ allows us to reach customers with new parts instantly on a national scale. Plus, MAM Automate and the MMI helps us to keep our product data accurate and up-to-date.”

Developed by MAM Software, Autocat+ is the UK’s most comprehensive online catalogue for the automotive aftermarket. It helps businesses to increase sales through direct online trade to customers. With intuitive drop-down menus and VRM (vehicle registration) lookup, customers are able to easily search for and purchase Mafco products.

Automate allows businesses to become self-sufficient in uploading product data to Autocat+. Mapping data to the in-built MMI helps Mafco to assure customers of accurate product information. With frequent catalogue updates via Automate, Mafco can efficiently add brand new products to Autocat+, ensuring they can leverage sales as quickly as possible.

Andy continued: “We’ve been able to sell brand new parts instantly via Autocat+ due to the ease of uploading data and being able to trade through a web-based application. Furthermore, the staff at MAM Software have provided an excellent service throughout the implementation process and are always on hand to assist us with any queries we may have.”

“Autocat+ is already the most comprehensive parts catalogue in the UK and its usage is consistently increasing with time. This means that Mafco can reach more customers than ever before which will help them to expand their profit margins,” said MAM Software’s Tony Mason. “Repeatedly uploading accurate product data via Automate and the MMI can help suppliers like Mafco achieve MMI Certified Data Supplier (MCDS) status, which gives customers greater confidence in the suppliers data and the products they are ordering being correct first time. This not only allows businesses to increase sales, it is also symbolic of good customer service.”


About Autocat+

Autocat+ is an electronic parts catalogue that brings together automotive components from multiple suppliers in a consistent format, making it easier for motor factors and parts retailers to identify and compare products. In contrast to traditional electronic catalogues, Autocat+ employs Web Services technology to retrieve data from centrally hosted Internet servers. Using powerful software developed in-house, this data is continually maintained through an automated process of verification and standardisation. Consequently, Autocat+ users no longer have to wait for CD-based updates to gain access to new data


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